This page contains cryptography links that may be useful to Visual Basic programmers. Please feel free to suggest others.




    This is a famous and very comprehensive cryptography FAQ maintained by the RSA Laboratories, a division of the RSA Security company.


    A useful monthly newsletter on applied cryptography, very accessible to the layman. Unfortunately, the archive isnít searchable, but you can get around that somewhat if you know the power commands for use ď+url:counterpane.comĒ (without the double-quotes) as part of your search to restrict to that domain.


CAPICOM from Microsoft

A free COM wrapper for Visual Basic, for much of the CryptoAPI. Support for Certificate functions is very strong, for basic cryptography functions less so.

CryptoAPI Mailing List

    Maintained by Microsoft. Searchable archive. A great resource for CryptoAPI trouble shooting.

CryptoAPI reference

    Maintained at the msdn library. The official documentation really is impossible to understand unless you already have a good understanding of cryptography. Both recent books on cryptography for visual basic provide this kind of introduction.



    A company called CryptoObject sells a COM wrapper for much of the CryptoAPI.



New York Times encryption page

    An archive of encryption stories published by the New York Times

Source Code

    Search for VB and ASP code all around the net, in one place.

Lists of Links

Cryptography and Security links compiled by the well-known cryptographer Ron Rivest.

Matt Blazeís Crypto.Com

List of links from Counterpane, Bruce Schneierís company